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Extending Facebook Expiration Tokens

The world of Facebook development is vast and complicated, especially with how quickly everything changes. All the API’s and SDK’s can be a pain to keep up with. When I first got involved with FB integration I honestly felt like I was learning a new scripting language. But fortunately these days everything is pretty well documented under the “Docs” section of the official FB Developers page. If you are just getting into FB app development familiarize yourself with access tokens and permissions. Access tokens are basically the keys to the kingdom as far as exchanging information between the client, your...

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Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Twitch are few among many of today’s large social network and media platforms. These networks are dynamic, constantly changing to accommodate for continuous growth. Networks change regularly for a number of other factors as well. Such as improving system usability by adding new options and features, or by increasing the site’s security.   Generally, people engage these networks and only notice there has been an update after a webpage looks different. Most people are a part of more than one social network, which makes it difficult to keep up with all the changes; especially changes that are not easily seen. Socials...